Thursday, September 29, 2011

GasBGon Flatulence Filter Seat Cushion, Patented - (The Winner's Circle)

GasBGon Flatulence Filter Seat Cushion, Patented - (The Winner's Circle) Review

GasBGon Flatulence Filter Seat Cushion, Patented - (The Winner's Circle) Feature

  • With GasBGon, you Clear the Air, Not the Room!
  • A fun, yet serious solution to the embarrassing problem of malodorous gas.
  • Applies cutting edge filter technology (replaceable) to muffle the sound and adsorb the odor that accompanies flatulence.
  • GasBGon applies for all situations in which you would rather be safe...than sorry.
  • Patented Unisex design-an equal opportunity product!
The GasBGon® flatulence odor control seat cushion is a high performance air filter designed to look and feel like a conventional seat cushion incorporating a sound dampening filter and a proprietary activated carbon odor filter. The seat cushion functions as a powerful passive control device to effectively muffle the sound and adsorb the odor associated with flatulence. Each cushion is complete with a washable zippered cover for filter insertion/replacement, they are lightweight (less than 1 lb) and are nominally 15 inches square and 1 inch thick. Each cushion comes complete with a sound and odor filter. While the GasBGon seat cushion does not reduce the number of flatulence outbursts its user produces; it does insert several degrees of separation between the person committing the act and the people within his or her immediate vicinity. The degree of separation it creates is sufficient to render each flatulence outburst environmentally and socially acceptable for most end-users. Where to use; at home watching TV, office settings, family car trips, planes and at tailgating parties, where GasBGon helps level the playing field between partygoers and party-poopers. Applications are truly dependent on one's imagination and that special knowledge of your loved on. Instructions: Remove product from plastic bag, place tush on side opposite zipper, sit and rip! Bet you know someone who can use one. (The pattern shown may vary slightly and is dependent on material availabilty. If a change is necessary, the series theme will be maintained)

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