Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Aireox Professional Air Purifier

Aireox Professional Air Purifier Review

Aireox Professional Air Purifier Feature

  • No Loud Operating Noise Quiet 2 Speed Motor 5 yr warranty on motor
  • No Ozone Outgassing, No Outgassing Paint or Rubber Cords
  • Portable, Handle for easy transport, to go where you go
  • No Adhesives Used In Filter
  • Multi Function - Removes Gases and Particles
D-Model 45 - Professionl Room model: The most popular air purifier on the market today for people serious about the risks that air pollution presents to their health. Most often recommended by Allergists and Physicians for prevention and/or relief of pollution related problems. Highly efficient, portable and quiet. Will effectively purify the air in a room 12 feet by 20 feet with an 8 foot ceiling (2000 cubic feet) once every 15 minutes. Floor or table placement, removes mold spores, pollen, dust, formaldehyde and more. Four and a half pounds of high grade activated carbon(Coconut sehell and Purafil), half micron particle filter(electro static) Aireox air purifiers can be carried from room to room with ease and are designed to remove chemicals and pollution from your air without adding odors of its own. Aireox model 45 has 125 CFM air recirculation rate. .5 micron filter removes 99.95% of dust, pollen and particulates to .5 microns as well as most of the fumes and odors.Chemically reactive or environmentally ill people may not be able to tolerate HEPA so the Aireox is a solution to indoor air pollution and sick building syndrome as it removes fumes and most of the other allergens. AIREOX air purifiers have a low noise factor and are perfect for bedroom air purification or office desk air purification. Aireox Air Purifiers were designed with high quality and reliability in mind and are designed to last a life time. Filters are changed once a year (under normal conditions) but in a highly contaminated polluted office space filters are changed after six months to allow proper air flow and filtration. People with MCS or Multiple Chemical Sensitivities react to industrial products, carpets, drapes, wood cabinet sand cars. MCS clients tolerate Aireox air cleaners and purifiers with no problems.Aireox air purifiers are specially designed for chemically sensitive people. Return Policy - Cost of filter media will be deducted. Additional shipping charges to Alaska and Hawaii

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