Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Surround Air N-Lite 5000 Multi-Function HEPA Air Purifier, Metallic

Surround Air N-Lite 5000 Multi-Function HEPA Air Purifier, Metallic Review

Surround Air N-Lite 5000 Multi-Function HEPA Air Purifier, Metallic Feature

  • True HEPA filter for the most effective protection against dust & allergens
  • Germicidal UV Lamp to destroy micro-organisms
  • Includes night light function
  • Sleek, elliptical design to enhance air movement
  • Quiet operation ensuring peace and quiet while running
The N-Lite 5000 offers a more enlightened approach to air purification on many levels, representing an affordable way to gain the benefits of multiple, proven technologies in one purifier. Now, you do not have to choose between this enlightened, multi-function concept, and an affordable air purifier. The multiple functions include a high-efficiency allergen filter, which is 99.7% efficient at removing airborne particles. Unlike other filters that can serve as breeding grounds for micro-organisms, the N-Lite 5000 also features a germ-killing UV lamp and a built-in ionizer, proven to enhance the performance of filters. The N-Lite 5000 not only covers you against allergens and micro-organisms, but it also includes an activated carbon filter, which is the most effective way to trap chemicals, odors and cigarette smoke. The enlightenment does not stop here. New photocatalytic technology has also been added to this revolutionary air purifier. This form of air purification has been found to add a whole other safety net against pollutants, effectively removing chemicals (including VOCs such as formaldehyde), bacteria and odors. You will also find that an air purifier can be sleek and contemporary in design. The elliptical design of the N-Lite 5000 is not just attractive. The elliptical shape also maximizes air movement covering up to 300 square feet. You will also “see the light” in a literal way, as the cover can be removed to enable this purifier to double as an alluring night light. The N-Lite 5000 also features low replacement costs of just per year for replacement filter and UV lamps.

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