Saturday, July 23, 2011

Can-Filter 33 - 13" Carbon Filter

Can-Filter 33 - 13" Carbon Filter Review

Can-Filter 33 - 13" Carbon Filter Feature

  • Carbon Filter 6"
  • Air totally and completely scrubbed before exiting
  • Ultimate line of defense in the battle against odor control
With 15 years experience specializing in activated carbon odor control, Can-Filters designs and builds only the highest quality Activated Carbon air filter, using only Virgin Activated Carbon specially formulated to meet your job criteria. Can-Filters provide one of Natures BEST odor control materials, ACTIVATED CARBON. The CKV-4 carbon type is specially developed for this purpose. Controlled grain size and a large surface area give full rated airflow and more than 99% odor removal. Carbon bed thickness is 2.5 - More carbon means more absorption Can-Filters packed bed design means no settling and no preferential channels for consistent performance and long life. CAN FILTER 33 Max CFM: 200 cfm non-recirculating Min CFM: 100 cfm Dimensions: with pre-filter *Outside Diameter: 305mm/12*Height: 330mm/13*Total Weight: 11.5kg/25.3lbs.*Carbon Weight: 7.5kg/16.5lbs.*Carbon Bed Depth: 50mm/2 Max Operating Temp: 176º F / 80ºC Pressure drop at max CFM: 180pa/ .75wg Flange:* 4 or 6 Recommended Can-Fan: FAN Filtered Air CFM RS6HO 219RS6 156RS4HO 137 How to choose a CAN Filter/Fan combination that is right for your grow room in 4 easy steps: Determine the volume of the grow room by multiplying LxWxH e.g. 10 x 10 x 8 = 800 cubic feet. Choose a Can-Fan that will clear the room in 1-2 minutes e.g. 400-800 CFM fan for an 800 cubic foot room. Choose a Can-

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